•   I keep trying to change my life, but my old habits are hard to break

•   I want to find a job that lets me express my life purpose

•   I meditate and can quiet my mind in silence but I have no inner peace in my life

•   I go to a psychic to help guide me, I wish I had the intuition to guide myself

•   I often feel stuck or afraid to act or tell others about my great ideas and gifts

•   I feel like I get drained by some people and get exhausted in my life

•   I want to live with passion, but I just don’t have the energy

•   I have been on the self help journey for years and don’t feel that much has really changed

You are not alone.
There's nothing wrong with you – we are living in a time of confusion where real
inner guidance has lost its power in our lives!

Yes, even in the midst of the biggest consciousness movement.

Because, think about it....
what would it feel like if your were the change you wanted to see in the world?
What if just by being you and feeling your energy, you instantly could make others
feel great too!

Being awakened to who you really are is the essence of all great leaders.

What if people felt somehow more alive and energized when around you?

Would that be good for business? For your relationships?

Yes, the implications are exciting!

But never mind them, what about you…how would it feel to be you?

This is exactly why I want to share this very special and very unique method
of personal healing and transformation!

This is the first time I have shared this information in this way with the world. Most
of my work has been kept secret up until this point and only used for my students.

Its’ time now for this information to be out in the world!

Gateways and Chakras

The 12 Gateways To Your Life Purpose DVD is the bridge to bring your inner and outer purposes together. The 12 gateways, also known as chakras, teach you how to understand and accelerate that alchemy and self integration. Each chakra when awakened is like a window to the soul. Each one holds one piece of the puzzle to knowing who are in each moment. Each one has a unique language that must be learned before we are able in integrate them into our lives to get a deeper sense of what who we are here to be and what we are here to do.

The chakra toned crystal bowls vibrationally match each chakra and act as amplifiers for those voices. Through meditation and regular use of the bowls and studying the

feelings and visions that emerge from each chakra level, you can learn your true language of origin. You.

There have been many great minds that have given us volumes on what chakras are and I have read every word. Now, my contribution is to give you a direct line to “knowing” them not thinking about them. I wanted more than the ideas, I wanted to live through them. So I tested their theories directly through my full spectrum healing work and by using the amazing sound healing tools of crystal bowls.

I incorporated the crystal singing bowls that were tuned to the 7 chakra notes and 5 spiritual levels of conscoiusness, as prescribed by the mystic seers and my training in full spectrum healing, into my healing work with clients and the result was astounding. I found that with the right combinations of Chakra tones and the right healing intention, I could facilitate clients to have direct experience of the chakra, not just the mental understanding or visualization of them.

I use crystal bowls rather than the more popular metal Tibetan bowls because the human body is almost 100% made of crystalline structure from the bones in the body that use crystalline structures for their amazing strength to the fluids in the body that are liquid crystals and in so being can uniformly bond to each other in a supportive way.

As my clients would listen to the tones in a relaxed state, their experiences
at each tone would match their life experience in metaphoric ways.

Each experience had profound meaning and effect on the healing and awakening of each

Through their experiences and awakening through the tones, they were being given direct
      knowledge of how they were either blocked in that chakra or what it would feel like to live
      fully in it. Nothing I could have said could have matched the direct guidance they got from
      their chakras about their life. Each person was literally creating the language their soul uses
      to guide them in their lives.

As I listened to hundreds, and then thousands of people tell me about their experiences in
      reaction to the tones of the crystal bowls and healings something deeply consistent began to
      crystallize in my consciousness. I was being taught about the chakras by the chakras. This
      went beyond simply learning more facts. I truly felt like I was being downloaded the
      knowledge of the chakras the way the mystics in India must have stumbled upon them
      through their meditation, chanting and using sounds to navigate the human energy field and

Knowing how your chakras work and how to listen to them used to take 30 years of
      meditation practice. Even then, this would often only lead to being able to hear one or two of
      them. However, I have found that listening to the chakra toned crystal singing bowls
      passively can create powerful change in a very short time. You can become both well versed
      in how your chakras work and feel and know how to enlist them in guiding you on toward
      your life purpose.

Not knowing your Life Purpose is at epidemic proportions in the world!

This training by Rhys Thomas will give you a step by step walk through your energy
field and how you can make it your ally.

Your energy body, your Aura has only one purpose, to tell you in every moment
what your life purpose is. All you need to know is how to interpret it. The 12
Gateways to Your Life Purpose
is direct training on how to do just that.

Here’s what the 12 Gateways to Your Life Purpose package includes:

  1. 3 hours of video lecture and chakra experience on the 12 Gateways to Your Life Purpose DVD
           ($297 value)
  2. 3 hours of audio lecture and chakra experience on the 12 Gateways to Your Life Purpose CD Set
           ($197 value)
  3. Hard Copy Companion Book to the 12 Gateways to Your Life Purpose, with even more information
           than on the DVD and CDs! ($89 value)
  4. 3 Rhys Method® Crystal Bowl Healing Meditations Powerful energy medicine to support your
            Embracing Your Life Purpose ($12 value)
                       Touching Our Soul ($12 value)
                       Full Energetic Balance ($12 value)
  1. Rhys Method® Crystal Bowl 12 Gateway tones MP3 to find your core tone. ($25 value)
  2. Easy Digitial Downloads of the entire product – DVD, CDs and Companion Book – for your ipod,
           computer or ipad. ($297 Value)
  3. Instant access to attain the 10 video mini series of Rhys' class lectures (priceless)

Total Value

Yet The 12 Gateways to Your Life Purpose and bonuses
is priced at only...